Wild turkey roaming Greensboro neighborhood finally caught

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A turkey that has been running around a Greensboro neighborhood for years has finally been caught.

The wild turkey that lived in a northwest Greensboro neighborhood for years was taken to the Guilford County Animal Shelter on Friday.

“We were able to, on foot, chase the turkey to an area where there was a fence and close in the distance and put a net on the bird,” said Eric Mann with Guilford County Animal Control.

Animal control officers said the turkey is headed to a new home at Caswell Game Lands just south of Yanceyville in Caswell County.

A wildlife officer said the turkey will be located in a safety zone where he won`t be subject to hunting.

Some Greensboro residents said the turkey was becoming a menace, while others didn’t seem to be bothered by him.

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  • Mimi Laloo

    Mr. Turkey was too funny. I was looking at purchasing a house in this neighborhood and Mr. Turkey thought he would check me out. This turkey use to chase the mail carrier and boy was it funny. I should have taken a video of Mr. Turkey. I must say he was an asset to the neighborhood watch community.

  • NobodyAtAll

    And not a rafter of birds but just one..Our forefathers got to be rolling over in their graves with laughter..

  • Thomas Dew

    I am so glad they finally got that turkey. it attacked me at least five times and my daughter. But it tried to attack us everytime we went outside. Had to carry a stick to check mail, go in and out from car, bringing in groceries, etc. it was dangerous. It lived in the tree out front of my house. I tried to sell my house for over a year and ended up being forclosed on. The turkey would not leave the people looking at the house alone. So during showings i would lead the turkey away by letting it attack my vehicle. The rude neighbors would act like I was a bad guy. People in the neighborohood feed him. i lost my house and am forced to live with my parents. Im fifty. No help from the neighboors. So to the turkey i say… Enjoy your new home.

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