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Reidsville man accused of kidnapping estranged wife

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

James Robert Piech

REIDSVILLE — A Reidsville man has been charged after police say he kidnapped his estranged wife.

James Robert Piech, 35, of 214 Liberty Road, is charged with felonious first degree kidnapping, felonious first degree burglary and felonious violation of a court protective order.

Deputies say Piech broke into his estranged wife’s house and forced her outside early Thursday morning, according to the release. Piech tried to force her into a neighboring home but she got away and called 911 at another neighbor’s home.

Deputies found Piech at a home on Gibbs Road in Reidsville at about 7 a.m. Friday.

Piech is currently receiving treatment at Annie Penn Hospital for minor injuries sustained while he was chasing his estranged wife.

He is scheduled to appear in court on July 8.

No bail information was available.


  • stinger90

    The way the court system is here, some judge will let me off with a warning or sentience him to little time in jail. The police and the courts here are F-up

  • FaithC

    “…felonious violation of a court protective order.”
    Just goes to show you how little that piece of paper will protect you. She may want to look into a conceal carry permit.

  • Jk

    I live on Liberty Road and there is no 214 Liberty Road unless there are 2 Liberty Road’s in Reidsville NC

  • Jk
    This article Says James Robert Piech 35 of 214 Liberty Road Reidsville NC
    Says incident reported to Reidsville police department involving estranged at wife Casey Jones Piech 33 of 1700 Gibbs Road Reidsville NC. Says he broke into her house. His address shows up in an Internet phone directory as 1694 Gibbs Road Reidsville NC.
    Seems like James Piech and his wife are very close neighbors.??????

  • Jk

    On the Rockingham County Sheriff’s website it says James Robert Piech was arrested May 30. Most all of these articles are posted June 20. I am wondering why it took so long to post the articles????
    The articles was posted Casey Jones Piech of 1700 Gibbs Road and it also was posted James Robert Piech is 1694 Gibbs Road. I took a ride down Gibbs Road and two mail boxes with these numbers on them are side by side.

  • dko

    She left wit him then claimed he kidnapped her. She broke restraining order to go see him a week before two white trashes that deserve each other! feel sorry 4 their kids. & yes theyhave house together beside her moms where thus happened. Both r liars!!! She set him up tho.

  • dko

    May30 was wh wen they took out warrents for each other…..always then ashe went to his house for booty call


    • Jk

      April 2nd is when the two people I believe to be the Piech’s came to the house at 217 Liberty Road. They were in a black SUV and drove up the drive way to this home. Another woman was at the home when they drove up I think she is caring for the elderly woman there I am not completely sure but think so. It was late afternoon and they began arguing really loud. The police came and later the guy who I believe to be Piech left the house walking across the field his pants were falling down. It was almost turning dark and several police cars came again with sirens on. The guy had came back to the house and they were arguing again. I thought the police took him that time but not sure.

  • Jk

    I believe these two people James Piech and Casey Piech are the same two people who were at the Bates House 217 Liberty Road on April 2 in a big argument and about three police cars came sirens full blast. Actually the police came twice that afternoon. It seemed wrong that they were arguing at the Bates House. Actually they drove to that home together in a black SUV and they began arguing in Mrs. Bates back yard. Several days after this incident they came back to that house and began arguing again. This one did not last long and she got in the SUV and left with him.
    Mrs Bates is an elderly woman who seems to have some memory issues and there has been some questionable people put in that home evidently to care for her. First the Korpi family I mentioned earlier and now these people.
    I wonder why Kenny Wayne Bates want this type of behavior at his Mother’s home.

    • Georg A Bates

      Jk… show yourself!! if you have questions about the Care of Mrs Bates call me..Georg Ann Bates..336.589.5647…. if Not mind your own business

  • Jk

    From what the poster DKO said and from what I have witnessed at the house 217 Liberty Road I can believe what DKO is posting which seems true. Does anyone know names of James Piech’s mom or dad. DKO do you live near them on Gibbs Road. I am wondering if the woman that comes to the Bates’ home during the day may be his mom since he or someone that looks exactly like him has been seen there. I still wonder why some of the articles written post 214 Liberty Road as his address as well as the two addresses given on Gibbs Road.

  • Jk

    When you get to the nc courts website and James Robert Piech’s arrests come click on each case number for a description of each arrest.

  • Jk

    It has been reported in these articles that May 30 is when they arrested James Richard Piech. All the articles I have read are dated June 20th. I’m wondering why it took so long to get to the news?????

  • DKO

    he’s been arrested many times. she calls cops on him for everything. last episode (at gibbs rd) was last week.

    • Jk

      It has only been a little over a week since a woman in a silver SUV picked up a guy at 217 Liberty Road and he looks like and I believe was James Robert Piech. You said the only ones suffering are the kids. You may be wrong there. If these are the same people that were at 217 Liberty Road I believe this drama as you referred to it should not be happening at her home. I have complained to the police about the people being in that home but they do nothing. I don’t know if it is because they can’t or they don’t want to. Do you live next to them? Do you know who the neighbor’s house is that Casey Piech was reported to have gone to for help.

      You said you felt he was set up. In the argument on 217 Liberty Road where I believe he was part of something did not look right there either. There were two women there and both were in this guy’s face hollering at him. I think it strange this guy was accused of abuse. It seems that if he was that abusive he would have hit one of the women. They were really really loud and all in his face.

      I am not defending him either because I do not know him only what I have seen on Liberty Road. I did sent an email to the police department and told them what I just told you how loud the women were and the language they used. We have also seen these guys in a black SUV. Are the two vehicles I mentioned associated with the Piech’s?

      The former nurse I mentioned in my first post being on the topiix website whom I believe to be a woman now living at 217 Liberty Road it seems these guys are associating with her or that is what is seems to me. This woman has been in the home at 215 Liberty Road where the eldery lady lives.

  • Jk

    My questions and curiosity about this person is already posted here. Why don’t you clarify these? Do you know this person if so surely you have read the accusations made against this guy some pretty serious accusations and why anyone would be concerned about these accusations and this person whose does look like the person that was at that home arguing when the police came.

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