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New documents reveal possible suspect in Bianca Tanner case

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- New documents reveal a possible suspect in the disappearance of Guilford County teacher Bianca Tanner.

Christopher Hamilton, 32, of Greensboro, was arrested over the weekend for failure to appear in court on April 25th after Tanner filed a restraining order against him.

Hamilton was released on a $500 secured bond and listed as a "suspect in the missing school teacher case."

Hamilton, a truck driver, said Friday by phone that detectives cleared him in the case. He also said he provided them with debit card transactions that show he was in Greensboro when Tanner went missing in Charlotte.

The second grade teacher at Reedy Fork Elementary disappeared almost two weeks ago while visiting her boyfriend, Angelo Smith, in Charlotte.

Court documents show Tanner had taken out a restraining order against Hamilton in March, claiming he showed up at her home and threatened to slash her tires and retaliate because of the way she was rejecting him.

Hamilton says he was good friends with Tanner but was forced to back away after she started dating Smith. Hamilton also claims Smith made Tanner take out the restraining order.

Police have not publicly named a suspect in the missing case, but they questioned Angelo Smith, shortly after he reported her missing.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officials say they did question Hamilton and let him go. Investigators added they are not ruling anyone out in the case.​


  • Ashley

    I still think it was the boyfriend.
    But my only question is the 3 year old boy, when he spoke of his moms boyfriend was he referring to the current boyfriend or the ex ?

  • Nadine Watkins

    You made a valid point Ashley. Makes you question if the baby was speaking of the current boyfriend or the ex. Something tells me my the current boyfriend may know more than he’s letting on

  • Anonymous

    Fox8 needs to be careful, naming someone as a “possible suspect” can really damage a person’s reputation and they don’t even have any info that he was involved in her disappearance. The detectives actually say he was cleared according to the article, yet they put the headline the way the do to attract readers, it’s not right.

  • anonymous 1

    I agree with anonymous. One paragraph they say he was listed as a suspect and then in another paragraph they say police have NOT publicly named any suspects. If I was him I would sue the he’ll out of Fox 8.

  • Abiding Citizen

    Totally contradicting, I have personally known Mr. Hamilton for many years and this is not his character, please be careful to what you believe. Mrs. Tanner owed him money and shouldve paid him back and not filed a bogus restraining order, he is not her ex they were just friends and instead of going on wild goose chases the police need to find this young lady and put pressure on Angelo Smith to do it because he knows where she is. Sad case

  • LadyH

    Ashley and Nadine the son was talking about the current boyfriend Angelo Smith. The police report said he stated Angelo’s name when he made the accusations.

  • Ashley

    I feel like Greensboro police needs to do a better job investigating. It was wrong for fox 8 news to post his picture as a suspect when the evidence is leaning more toward the boyfriend. And the crazy part about it all is I personally know Chris and I know that he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  • nic82

    “They” just love ruining a black man life any way “they” can…shame on you fox8 for dragging this hard working man name into this when you know he has nothing to do with it!!!

  • Anonymous

    It has nothing to do with whether he is black or any other color, it is the principle behind not having any information that ties him to the crime, but publicly naming him as a suspect and even worse, adding his picture. Poor man has to face his family, go to work, shop, and live each day. It causes an extreme amount of unnecessary stress on him. I think Fox 8 owes him a public banner-headline apology.

  • Tonya

    No one really knows what went on in the final hours leading up to her disappearance but the boyfriend, her, & God. I pray that where ever she may be that she is found and brought home to her son and the rest of her family. Pray everybody and let’s not be negative because this is somebody’s loved one just think if it were your loved one what would you do and how would you react. If her and that young man were friends or what ever let that minor stuff go it’s a bigger issue at hand. We must take a stand people or else we will fall short every time.

    • Denise

      I agree with you, this story is bigger than we may know. Evidently more than one person is lying.. Who is the big question. I personally think the child’s father may be involved.. I have a right to my opinion..

    • Blank

      The ex husband has nothing to do with it you ignorant ppl when he is the one taking care of the child so before you start opening your mouths get shit straight

  • WhyFoxEight

    The things Fox 8 shows for a story. If this man is innocent, which seems could be the case, he is going to have to deal with this for a while. Getting recognized on the street, and possibly fired because of the negative attention it will bring to his employer.

  • Mary

    This is my ex-brother-in-law’s step-daughter and I feel is really hurting the most; please keep him in your prayers as well as family. When I pray for Bianca every day I don’t get a good feeling in my heart and pray it’s not true that God will bring her home alive/safe. Please pray strength for the family to prepare for the outcome of this situation. It’s been two weeks, which is way too long for her to be missing and not return to her son who misses her deeply. I pray if Angelo has something to do with her disappearance that he have no peace that will cause him to turn himself in and turn his life over to the Lord. Single women, please be careful about getting into relationships with men especially if you don’t know them that well. Don’t be desperate to have a man and ignore the warning signs of his bad behavior. Get out of the situation as soon as you suspect danger!!! Even if you think you know him the truth will come to light, then you’ll feel trapped and think you can’t get out. Well, I tell you that you can get out of an abusive relationship with the power of God’s help!!! Women were not created by God to be beaten on and treated worse than a dog. We’re fearfully and wonderfully made by God who can fill the voids of sadness, and lioness of a man to be in our lives. We’re not to look to men to complete us ladies, which only God can that gives us inner peace, joy, and confidence about ourselves. I was in abusive relationship for decades with the ex-husband who tried to brake me down to nothing and take everything I have. My faith in God, turned everything around for me so that I could be a testimony to hurting women who’s been abused by men, friends, and family. Now, every morning I wake up thanking God for getting me out of the pit of hell!!! God helped me realize that I’m stronger than I thought I was and help me came out of the relationship victoriously, thank you Lord! If it wasn’t for the grace of God keeping me I wouldn’t be living today. I tell my friends I rather go into my grave happy and free as a single woman than to get back into slavery to a man that try to make me miserable for the rest of my life!!! God bless you all for your prayers, love, and concerns for Bianca’s safe return home.

  • Mary

    Children’s words are not to be ignored and can save lives if we listen. There was a teenager that begged her dad before the wedding not to marry the woman he loved and he didn’t listen. Later she was abusive to him physically and mentally. He ended up regretting he ever married her. She left him mentally unstable and bitter where he can’t have a relationship with any woman after the divorce. If my sons was to begged me not to marry someone I would listen, because I know and trust my children.

  • concerned citizen

    What is taking them so long to find her? There is a child that is missing his mother. The police know more than they are leading the public to believe. This is crazy….

  • jondai hamilton

    I wish they would just fin her aand bring her back home its taking too long Angelo was the last to see her so I really things he knows something.

  • jake harper

    Hate to say it .. She’s dead . mostly wen pple goes missing this long thats normally was than happen .. If she was alive someone woulda found her by now

  • Finding peace in confusion

    There are many people involved in this situation, innocent and otherwise. The fact of the matter is that women need to be aware of their surroundings and their involvement with men regardless of their exterior and how they present themselves….ALL the time and in EVERY situation. Even if Mr. Smith had no involvement, his previous relationship history throws up many red flags…and clearly, the victim had very little knowledge of his past. Ladies, you have got to start asking questions. Don’t assume that the ex is bitter or scorned….sometimes they may be trying to give you valuable information, that in the end may save your life. The reputations of many people are on the line in this situation and until the truth is revealed these news stations need to be more careful about exposing the identities of people who have not been officially named as suspects. This country boasts its judicial system but time and time again tries individuals in the court of public opinion. My heart goes out to this small boy who yearns to have his mommy home. I can’t even begin to imagine the anguish her family feels right now. I pray for Bianca’s safe return home. Keeping the faith.

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