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Losing weight to help your joints

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Being overweight causes added pressure on your joints, particularly in the knees, when walking or participating in weight-bearing activity, thus creating joint pain and/or disease overtime.

By losing weight, individuals can decrease that pressure and relieve the pain.

Beginning a regular exercise routine is an imperative step to losing weight, as well as relieving knee pain. Leg strengthening exercises are particularly important to protect your knees.

The stronger the muscles in your legs, the more force they can absorb, thus helping to relieve pressure and/or pain in the knees.

Depending on pain level, individuals should engage in exercises such as squats, lunges, leg extensions and curls at least two to three times a week. Flexibility is also key in maintaining joint health.

It is important to stretch before and after a workout; however, be sure to warm up the muscles, by walking or biking for a few minutes, before a pre-workout stretch.

It is always important to check with your doctor before beginning an exercise routine.

Depending on any pre-existing medical conditions, your doctor may refer you to medically supervised exercise, such as the Forever Fit program at Alamance Regional Medical Center, in which certified exercise specialists instruct patients through safe, effective workout routines that promote health and overall wellbeing.

Spokesperson Background:
Tim Lewis is an exercise specialist at Alamance Regional Medical Center’s Lifestyle Center.

Lewis received a Bachelor of Science in exercise and sports science from Greensboro College in 2001.

He coached Greensboro College’s football team for six years, and managed The Rush Fitness Complex for five years before joining the team at Alamance Regional Medical Center.