Crews search for body of teen in Monroe lake

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MONROE, N.C. — A dive team resumed their search for the body of an 18-year-old who officials said drowned in a Monroe lake Thursday.

Officials said the teen was fishing with his grandfather when he had a seizure that caused him to fall out of the boat and into the water.

The grandfather went to shore to call for help. The teen never resurfaced.

Relatives identified the teen as Malique Streater. He had just completed his junior year at Forrest Hills High School.

Crews searched the lake’s waters for more than four hours before officials were forced to suspend the search due to lightning.

Officials said the boat had life jackets but they were unsure if Malique was wearing one.

Source: WSOC


    • Triple Threat C

      Thomas why are you so pressed on what this child do in his picture? That child did nothing to you and he died in a horrible way and all you can say is that he flipped the bird. I bet you are an old, wrinkle, rusty, dumb person that have no life, education, nothing more than what was passed down to you. learn Jesus and whatever problems or issues you have give it to him instead of putting nasty message of folks kids..

  • G-Man

    I like it! Does not make him a bad person, just shows a real person.

    Most likely got it from his Facebook page, and who hasn’t flipped the bird?

    I am tired of the media painting every missing person as a Harvard bound saint who was a pillar in the community.

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