Thieves ransack 95-year-old woman’s home in Randolph County

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — A 95-year-old woman returned from spending the winter in Georgia to learn thieves broke into her home in Randolph County.

“I was devastated,” said Rosa Lee Clodfelter, who returned home with her sister Thursday to see the damage.

It’s believed the thieves broke in several weeks ago and went through every room, every drawer and even the attic.

Items stolen include everything from clocks on the wall to Clodfelter’s late brother’s Purple Heart. They even tore pages out of the family’s Bible.

“I just couldn’t believe anybody would tear up anybody’s home like this,” said Virginia Martin, Rosa Lee’s sister.  “Anything they could sell to make money.”

It’s believed the thieves loaded up Clodfelter’s car with items hoping to steal it too, but it wouldn’t crank.

“I feel sorry for them,” said Martin.  “Anybody that doesn’t have feelings for older people or anyone’s home and tear it up like this – you just can’t believe it.”

Sheriff’s detectives have found finger prints and are looking at evidence left behind including a Bojangles bag the thieves left behind from eating dinner in Clodfelter’s kitchen.

“It’s worldly things,” said Clodfelter.  “I can’t worry about it too much.”

Investigators say they believe the thieves may be trying to sell many of the items and are asking anyone with information to give the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department a call at (336) 318-6699.​


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