NC 20-year-old accused of attacking father with hatchet

BELMONT, N.C. — A man was arrested after police say he attacked his father with a hatchet.

William Sloan Sr. of Belmont said he doesn’t know why his son William Sloan II, 20, attacked him with a hatchet.

“I thought I was dying. I really thought I was a goner,” said Sloan Sr.sloan

He told WSOC he was helping his son deal with an addiction to over-the-counter cough medicine.

Sloan Sr., who has chronic back problems and needs a walker, was attacked in the early morning hours of June 11 when his son came into his bedroom and pushed him down.

“Once he got me down he started hitting me with the hatchet,” he said. “He hit me so hard in the armpit that the hatchet stuck in my arm. I trapped it there and then I grabbed the other side of the hatchet like this.”

Sloan said he held onto the blade and fought to keep it away from his son.

His son then took off in his truck, and police arrested him about a hundred miles away.

He faces a judge on Friday in Gaston County.

Prosecutors said they will upgrade his charges from serious assault to attempted murder.

Source: WSOC

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