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Guilford Co. ordinance dealing with abandoned buildings and homes

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Guilford County Commissioners are considering a plan to fine mobile home owners for keeping unlivable manufactured homes on their properties.

The new ordinance would allow one person to check into complaints about nuisance mobile homes to see if they are livable. If not, the mobile home owner would face fines. The county would also work with the property owner to ultimately remove the modular at the mobile home owner’s expense.

Complaints would fuel most of the abandoned homes inspected, according to Guilford County Commissioner Alan Branson.

Tracy Coble can’t wait for the new law to be adopted. She’s lived next to an abandoned mobile home on Rock Creek Dairy Road for more than three years.

“I think it’s a health hazard because it’s snaky,” said Coble. “There are all sorts of containers over there that catch water when it rains which is a haven for mosquito so it’s more of a safety thing than anything else to get it cleaned up.”

Coble said before the abandoned property her and her husband hardly saw snakes, but last summer he killed three around their property.

Guilford County said crime is also a concern with abandoned mobile homes.

“We see windows busted out, doors kicked in where vagrants are going in and stealing the copper and air conditioning compressors,” said Branson.

Branson believes the abatement measures could begin with manufactured homes, but ultimately expand to address all abandoned homes and commercial properties.

According to Branson, the abatement plan for manufactured homes is still being tweaked after complaints from farmers about not being excluded from new rules for unlivable mobile homes. Many farmers use abandoned structures for storage.


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