19 protesters arrested in ‘Moral Monday’ rally focusing on workers’ rights



RALEIGH — Organizers say 19 people at this week’s “Moral Monday” event at the state legislature were arrested and charged with trespassing.

The arrests came just two days after a judge struck down building rules regarding demonstrations, according to WTVD. Protesters celebrated by chanting and singing outside the senate chamber doors.

This week, the protests focused on collective bargaining and raising the minimum wage.

Following the 19 arrests, a woman on the third floor staged an impromptu sit-in after claiming a police officer rudely grabbed her arm. She later left when asked nicely to leave by other officers.

Conservative groups say the NAACP President William Barber’s agenda for state spending would cost a typical family another $4,000 a year in state taxes.

Protesters say they are upset about low pay — particularly minimum wage.

This fight adds to their long list of issues that include cuts to education, unemployment benefits, and Medicaid.

Source: WTVD




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