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Cureless mosquito-transmitted virus spreads to NC

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A new mosquito-transmitted virus for which there is no known cure has spread to four states, including North Carolina.

The Center for Disease Control is worried it could soon become as prevalent in the United States as the West Nile virus, according to WSOC.

There have been 41 reported cases in the United States so far.

“There’s no vaccine for it, there’s nothing else you can really do but avoid mosquito bites,” said Ture Carleson with the Memphis and Shelby County Vector Control.

More than a dozen Caribbean nations are dealing with an estimated 100,000 cases and travelers from those countries are bringing it to the United States.

The symptoms begin three to seven days after the mosquito bite and usually last for one week. They include fever, headache, rash and severe joint pain in the hands and feet.

Source: WSOC


  • Tom

    PATRICIA, How did she show Racism she is only expressing her opinion. I didn’t see anything racist about her statement.

    • Jim Brown

      I agree Tom. Fact of the matter is there are people of many different racial backgrounds here ‘unlawfully’ (illegally). Those screaming racism must be very ignorant and assume that all illegals are of one race. At this time I would venture a guess and presume all these ‘ignorant people screaming raciest’ are assuming Sophie is speaking of only the mixed breeds coming across our southern boarder frequently called Mexicans. Fact is they are NOT all from Mexico, and they are from many different racial groups.

  • Sarah

    Oh my God you guys are so racist! Why do you have to blame everything on “illegals” — you know your grandparents and great grandparents came from somewhere else, too. We’re all descendants of immigrants.
    PS – The level of discourse in this country is absolutely appalling.

    • sophie

      “Illegal alien” is NOT a race or ethnicity, therefore the description of ‘illegal alien’ is not, nor could ever be, racist.

    • sophie

      My ancestors immigrated to this country legally many, many years ago. They learned the English language, customs,LAWS- and through the generations have exhibited a great love and pride in BEING AMERICAN. No hyphenated-Americanism for us. Just ‘American’, and proud of it!

    • Daryl

      Sarah, you are right. Our grandparents, great grandparents, or great, great grandparents did come from somewhere else. The difference is they did not break the law to get here. They went through the process. This is how it works. A country without a border is not a nation. Do you really know who is coming across? It’s not just children. This is an open door for Latin gangs, Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorists. So tell me please, what is so racist about that?

      Why do liberals always throw out the “racist” word? It never fails.

    • sophie

      I have an education, thank you. It is you and others like you who refuse to believe the truth as it’s slapping you in the face that I’m trying to inform…for your own good, I might add. Do with the information what you will.

    • sophie

      Thank you so much Sarah for your advice. As a matter of fact, I do try and learn something new each and every day. Perhaps you should take your own advice and educate yourself on what’s going on at our southern border today, and why there is a resurgence of previously eradicated disease in this country.

      • Lucy Lou

        Sophie, I’m glad you’ve set them straight. I was tiffed at the ignorant comments, until I saw all their typos, misspelled words, and improper punctuation and grammar. I realized then that you were not dealing with the same level of intelligence. I actually lol’d at the comments calling others ignorant , with words not even spelled correctly! You did in fact know what you were talking about. Moral to my story is don’t come into a battle of wits unarmed :)

  • Ellie Bryan

    Unbelievable How Uneducated we are these days. My LEGAL immigrant ancesters went through QUARANTINEs. They were screened for communicable diseases. They Obeyed the LAW.
    They served the country and became AMERICANS. smh… Ignorance is ugly. Do some research on the re-introduction of disease we had basically irradicated in the U.S.

    • Tracey

      Whose law, the native americans did NOT allow your relatives here legal, you just came here running from opression in your home land and then Stole our land while opressing our people.!! The oppresed became the oppressor. You are the immigrants who brought diseases to America, which is not America, just what you people call it!!! P.S. the lease on New York expired so get off my land!!!

  • Dawn B

    Sophie i feel it is a bit racist to thats right they come over here but we are just as responsible we go over seas on vacations, missionary trips etc. so they not ones to blame stops and think before you pen your mouth

    • sophie

      When we travel to foreign lands, most of us have to take certain precautions, (immunizations up to date) and we must also have the PROPER documentation, meaning we are traveling legally- with the permission of the host country. Illegal aliens do not typically concern themselves with either.

  • Brent

    You are not very bright. This virus originates in the Caribbean and Africa (NOT MEXICO). American tourists are suspected as carriers. There is also that thing called migration…insects don’t go through border security!

    • sophie

      I never mentioned Mexico. Illegal aliens come here from all over the world. Doesn’t matter WHERE they come from. What’s important is HOW they come, and part of coming LEGALLY is going through the proper medical screenings in order to protect the American citizenry from disease that once was eradicated in this country. I can’t help it if you refuse to see the truth.

  • Isabel Berrocal

    It´s so funny know days how racist people can be and the stupidity to we Americans if you really got an education Sophie you would know that the Really Americans were the Indians and back than everyone migrated to the United States that means you came from aN immigrant family and got the privilidge to have born in the United States cause if you look at the Globe there is North America, Central America and South America so that will tell you that all off us are American and that the people that migrated back than were from Europe. So know a little bit before you make a comment cause you sound completely ignorant. The report also said that is from the CARIBBEAN AND THAT IS THE TOURIST THAT IS BRING IT TO THE UNITED STATES.

  • Joe

    The ones believing that this disease is brought over by immigrants and travelers are beyond stupid. Since when did mosquitoes board planes?The real culprits behind this is more than likely scientists working in a lab under the us government

    • sophie

      Mosquitoes feed off an infected host (person), then go feed off another person, potentially spreading the disease. The mosquitoes didn’t bring in the disease. People did.

      • Joe

        But you would never believe most diseases here now are actually lab-made diseases developed to incorporate billions of dollars toward for the medical industry and try to kill off their “own americans”

  • Walt

    Sophie is right and you “enlightened” comment folks are wrong: “Undocumented Immigrants bringing diseases across border”. Read the news story at….but I guess the Border Patrol are just ignorant racists too.

  • John Doe

    anywho, diseases spread and people catch it. The day humanity achieves preventing that it would be an achievement. I have a friend who came back from Haiti she has it and she’ll be back to work in a week. i guess i’ saying its the flow of things, no need to freak out. (caution this is my opinion)

  • Lasitore

    Wow, how this topic got of track fast! We all bring back diseases I’m afraid. People, animals, and pesky bugs! As someone previously mentioned…..bugs don’t go through customs….they just go around. However, what i would like to know is does this virus clear up after a couple of days? No other side effects to it after out immune system finally beats it?

    • kristen

      I would like to know as well, I’m worried my 2 year old daughter might have it, I need to know how long it lasts, and if it can be damaging or (god forbid please don’t let it be…..) fatal. She’s been running a temp of 99 for a couple days and when she got out of the bath last night she held her hands out about to cry saying ouch. I’m terrified it might be worse than the news is telling please somebody tell me something!

      • sophie

        You can obtain some info about the Chikungunya Virus at Perhaps a visit to your child’s pediatrician is also in order. Good luck and I hope your little darling is better soon.

      • sherry

        My two yr old son came down w a high fever of 104 this evening. I have to give him Tylenol every 2 & 1/2 hrs even though ure supposed to wsit four cause his fever jumps back very high thstvquick. Im worried its this mosquito thing, not dure what to fo bedides pump meficene in him & pray

  • Lucy Lou

    Isabel Berrocal I think you might need some educating as well. I’ll correct you. Your comment should read ‘now’ days instead on know days, real Americans instead of really Americans. It is not back than, but should be back ‘then’. Another one…the stupidity to we Americans? There should be a comma after United States, unless you were starting a new sentence with ”that means you came from an immigrant family”. If that be the case then the word ‘that’ should be capitalized. If you’ve had the privilege of an education yourself, you would know there’s no D in privilege. You should have also inserted ‘been’ before the word born. The word ‘an’ needs no capitalization unless it is the beginning of a sentence, in which case you’d only capitalize the A. The words cause and because have different meanings. Right after you correctly spelled and capitalized the continents, you said ”all off us”. Just what, exactly, is off of us? I wasn’t aware I had anything on me. The people that migrated from Europe didn’t do it back than, but rather back then. You recommended that Sophie know a little bit before she commented, so that she wouldn’t sound completely ignorant. I must say-HOW KIND OF YOU TO POINT OUT IGNORANCE-while I continue horse laughing!

  • Lucy Lou

    Patricia G, my eyes did not read anything about race in her comment. The key words were ‘illegal immigrants’. The offense she is speaking of is the breaking of a Law, which had nothing to do with the color of a person’s skin.

  • Tony Ndege

    Some of you ignorant racists ARE aware that neither viruses nor mosquitoes discriminate and this could have very well been brought here by some Caucasian American vacationing, right?

  • Alexis

    I didn’t see a single thing in CDC. Where’s the link to that….? Also they talk about symptoms and made the entire article sound scary but where are the infected now? No deaths were mentioned.

  • alex

    Youre all talking about racism and the article is about a mosquito virus. Congratulations your stupid again, and again, and again…etc..

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