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WWII vet reunites with daughter after 70 years in Randleman

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RANDLEMAN, N.C. -- A World War II veteran spent Father’s Day with the 70-year-old daughter he met for the first time this weekend in Randleman.

When John Routh finally met Mareon Toth, it was a reunion seven decades in the making.

Routh was stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany during WWII. While there, he met Elizabeth Muller and the two fell in love and made plans for the future.

“Her mother was coming to the States with me. We were going to get married but it never happened,” Routh said.

Toth said she stayed in Germany and they lost track of one another.

During that time apart, Muller had a daughter, Mareon. All Mareon had was a letter from her father and a desire to meet him.

Mareon started her own family and it was her son Mirko who found Routh.

Not only did Mareon get to meet her father, she got to meet all her American relatives for the first time.

Marion and her family plan to visit Randleman again next year and Routh will get to meet his great-grandson for the first time.

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