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Video shot in NC claims to capture moment lightning strikes boat

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MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. — A YouTube video posted on Friday claims to capture the moment lightning strikes a boat in North Carolina.

WCTI reported that the video was shot Tuesday during the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament in Morehead City.

The video 4:45 minute video was uploaded by Carole Yoder. Lightning can be seen and thunder heard throughout the video.

Shortly after the three minute mark, crew members can be heard shouting to make sure everyone is alright. No injuries were reported.

The Big Rock reported on Tuesday that the boat had been struck by lightning in the morning and had to be towed back to shore, according to WCTI.


  • tsilver

    Deep Sea Fishing is really not that much fun until Spetember. I would have freaked. Great camera stabilizer though! If they didn’t have a camera stabilizer, you would have probbly got real sick watching this.

    • Greg

      The camera stabilization could likely be attributed to youtube itself. They have a feature that when you upload a video it will analyze it and if it notices that it is shaky will offer to stabalize it for you. It workes really good.

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