Police, family, friends continue search for missing teacher Bianca Tanner

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Bianca Tanner

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Desperate for answers, police, friends and family went door to door Sunday looking for any clues that could lead them to a missing Guilford County teacher who recently moved to Charlotte.

“What I would really like is for my daughter just to come home,” said Bianca Richardson Tanner’s father Rodney Closs, according to WSOC-TV.

That’s why his family has been handing out fliers to every neighbor near Druid Circle in Charlotte — the last place the 31-year-old teacher was seen.

Tanner has been missing since June 8 and police are calling it a homicide investigation. But her sister Cerise Richardson hasn’t given up hope that Tanner will be found alive and well.

“It’s been a very difficult time, just not knowing where she’s at or if she’s OK,” Cerise Richardson said. “But we have been coming together and standing by our belief… that God is going to bring her home.”

The teacher recently moved from Greensboro. She’s the mother to a young son. Police said Tanner’s 3-year-old son is with his biological father.

“And it’s just… tearing us apart that he’s crying his self to sleep every night,” Richardson said. “He wants his mommy. So, it’s very important that we get her home.”

There is no record of Tanner using her debit card or cell phone after she was reported missing.

Authorities said there are indications there was an argument between Tanner and her boyfriend Saturday night and Sunday morning.

A $5,000 reward is also being offered for information about Tanner’s whereabouts. Callers can remain anonymous by calling Crimestoppers at (704)334-1600.

Tanner had been a second-grade teacher at Reedy Fork Elementary in Greensboro. She was hired by Guilford County Schools in 2004 as a substitute teacher. She was hired as a full-time teacher in 2006.


  • Linda W

    On A & T website click on Alumni then scroll down and click on Alumni Association in search box enter Bianca Richardson Tanner scroll down and there you will see a comment from Bianca’s friend who speaks about the type of person that Bianca is and then she tells those who are responsible for her disappearance of their demise in biblical verses….I love it…it is kinda long, especially going through all of those verses to look up what she is saying to them, but well worth the read. Or check it out at – http://disq.us/8iuot8 Please publish & voice to everyone possible it could help in some way. Thank you.

    • Annette Burns

      I think the boyfriend know a little more than what he is saying he knows … He sound like a cold hearted person with no soul… I pray that God comfort her family and friends, through these troubling times…

  • Hot Mess

    If she really left her boyfriend Angelo Smith’s apartment to walk, then why would he wait almost 12 hours to report her missing at 12:30pm? Did he try to call her since he says she left with her cell phone and bank card? This just don’t add up. What could he have done with her body if the neighbors say they didn’t see him leave? This is terrible,
    she is a beautiful person from the pictures i have seen of her on the internet.

    Does anyone really know her boyfriend? How did he call the baby’s daddy to come get the kid? Does he like have
    his phone number stored in his phone? This is a hot mess. You know everybody gots to be thinking the boyfriend did it. He was the last person to see her, and why would the girl go walking late at night since she had a car? I live in a good neighborhood and i don’t like to walk in the daytime and you couldn’t pay me to walk at night !

    I think they just waiting for the boyfriend to admit it or get more info from him to find her, because they know
    if they arrest him and put him in jail, he won’t talk at all, then they may never find her. At least they can watch him
    while he is not in jail. I hate it for the family, Lord knows they got to be stressed and worried to the max.
    Praying for the family and hope they find her and bring her home, but seriously it don’t look good to me since it has
    been a week and nobody heard from her in a week.

    Reminds me of Scott Peterson and that Drew Peterson story.

  • sonya

    The 3yr olf boy seen what happen. If he didnt see it all he seen enough to tell the police that much. By him being so young he really couldnt tell u but so much. Or either he did what the little boy said in front of him and finish her off somewhere else and killed her. Thats why the little boy cant tell them if he killed her or not. Thats sad that the little boy had to see that. He also didnt think the little boy was that smart to tell the police that much. These days kids are smarter than what u think. God will eventually reveal what happen to her.

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