Girl looks just like a real-life Elsa from ‘Frozen’

Elsa from "Frozen"

Elsa from "Frozen"

An 18-year-old woman in Florida is getting national attention for looking just like a real-life version of Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen.”

Time reported that Anna Faith has even started a website with photos of herself dressed up as the snow queen character.

Faith said she makes appearances as the iconic character at birthday parties and other events. Check out some photos of her below and judge the resemblance for yourself.

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Oh hello there!!!🌸 @lexiegracelove

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So much fun!!! @brittlee.xoxo

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Sorry, had to 👑

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  • tiffany mclaughlin

    I dont tjink so…not anymore than someone who had a good costume for Halloween. Pretty girl though..

  • Bill W

    Sinner 3, sucko, Jethro, we know it is you, it is getting old. We all know it is you and your just an a-ss.

  • GingerMama

    I don’t think so. Her lips are fuller and her eyes aren’t close at all, maybe the color. Her hair is way darker… heck I could put acostume on my daughter and she would look “just like Elsa” too lol. Very pretty young lady, but no resemblance at all.

  • arie rizka triandiyani

    Nope, her skin must be brighter, her hair doesn’t look the same or even her eyes, lips, and dress too!

  • KC R

    i don’t know who exactly told her she looks like Elsa but whoever it was must have been playing a joke on her. she looks nothing like the character except for blonde hair and blue eyes.

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