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Driver charged after fatal south Charlotte accident

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Susan Brown has been charged in a fatal motorcycle accident in Charlotte. (WSOC-TV)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A woman has been charged in a fatal motorcycle accident in Charlotte, according to WSOC-TV.

Police took Susan Brown into custody after they say she failed to yield at Wendover and Providence.

“We heard it,” Tamara Villarroel said.

Villarroel lives very close to South Wendover and Providence where she says accidents happen all the time. She’s CPR-trained and tries to help, but Saturday she said the impact was just too strong.

“By the time I got there—he had no pulse,” Villarroel said. “So, it was little terrifying, but I tried to help as much as I could.”

She said other women also stepped in to help the victim, 53-year-old James Johnson, but his pulse never returned.

“Everyone was so in the moment that they were just trying to bring him back to life,” Villarroel said.

Police took the driver of the SUV that hit Johnson into custody. They say both drivers were traveling on Wendover, and Susan Brown was trying to turn left onto Providence toward Uptown. Police say she collided with the motorcycle.

“The motorcycle had a solid green light, and the SUV had a flashing yellow arrow,” Sgt. Kevin Shaw said. “The driver didn’t see the motorcycle.”

Johnson was thrown from his Harley. Police say Brown’s SUV then struck the front of a truck that was stopped at a red light. Brown was charged with failure to yield and misdemeanor death by vehicle. Villarroel says Brown was visibly shaken by the wreck.

“The lady was definitely in panic mode,” Villarroel said.

She said she’s is praying for Johnson’s family.

“I wish I could give my condolences in person,” Villarroel said.

Speed and alcohol were not factors in the crash.


  • sinner 3

    Same old excuse I did not see him ,right were you on the phone were you texting ,are would you just be another dumbase beotch on the road ? Well he is dead ! Your mistake but hey your sorry right ?

  • Jon

    you can hear her Myers Park friends now “What a tragedy for BOTH families.”.. oh…please. Husband “Don’t say anything honey…just listen to what the police say. Our lawyer is on the way.” “Don’t worry…the cross-fit class knows you wont be there.”

  • Jon

    I’m sorry…just sick of people texting or talking on phone ignoring the well being of everyone around them. I know you didn’t mean to kill him. Sorry about your car.

  • Rick

    My problem with this is that in our society now, everything is criminal. Make a mistake and go to jail. I’m pissed at the idiot cop that made the arrest! It’s clearly a bad situation but why does everything have to be criminal? No matter what happens at court she will have this on her record forever. Make a mistake in America and go on welfare because you can’t get a job even though you’re not guilty. For al of you who think this is criminal, I can’t wait until you or your kids make a mistake. I would be the first screaming at the top of my lungs to lock you up and throw away the key. It’s you dumb a’s that are ruining this country!

  • charles

    I did not read anything about her on the phone(texting ect.ect.)
    People run the light at 101 e. bodenhammer st. all day long,— on the phone or not.

  • Jon

    Rick is a perfect example: “OOPS! Sorry…my mistake…yes it was a big one and your dead…sure feel bad for your family.” Then move on…

    Bottom line is people are careless and while everyone makes mistakes…a society without accountability will unravel. If I kill someone “by mistake,” I expect to pay my dues. She will get no jail time…but the family of the motorcyclist will never get him back. She was not paying attention behind the wheel whether texting or not. If you mistakenly shoot someone hunting, it is an accident too…they are still dead… and if you did it carelessly its a crime. SHE BROKE THE LAW and SOMEONE DIED. Sorry she is likely a good person who made a mistake…SOMEONE DIED.

  • Jon

    Sure she is at cross fit right now and and already called the lawyers of the banking world to get her off. After all, it was just a Harley rider and they make too much noise driving through Myers Park anyway. Right Rick?

  • Jon

    I bet if a doctor makes a mistake and a family member or friend of Rick was harmed he would be the first in line to sue them. Right Rick? Its just a mistake? Right? No one is perfect and why should it hurt them if it was just a mistake?

  • Jon

    Well where do you draw the line? Pilot makes a mistake and 200 people die….it was just a mistake? Nothing to see just move along right?

  • Melissa

    To “Jon” and “Rick” I hope you guys save me a seat in hell when you judgemental a**holes get there!

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