Winston-Salem businesses react to large fight downtown involving teenagers

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Downtown Winston-Salem business owners and employees said they were not surprised by the fight Friday night downtown involving nearly 300 teenagers.

Jayne Johnston, owner of Washing Perk & Provisions Co., said police handled the situation well, but there should be discussion amongst business owners and police about what they can do be prepared and protect their customers.

Casey Hogge with Downtown Brody’s said this is not the first time and police should have been more prepared for such a crowd the last day of school.

“Normally kids would go to the mall and now they have restrictions in the mall like you have to be with a parent or buy something,” Hogge said. “They can’t do that so now they come downtown where there’s no restrictions.”

Mayor Allen Joines said he plans to schedule a meeting with the City Manager and Police Chief about the situation downtown and at Winston Square Park.

Joines also said that teen events for the summer begin in another two weeks.


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