NC woman says biker gang targeted her on highway

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A North Carolina woman said she was terrified after a trip from Charlotte to Disney World was interrupted by a motorcycle gang.

Christy Boyles told WCNC that she was recently attacked by a biker gang while she drove her car on I-77 South in Rock Hill, S.C.

She said the bikers were riding her tail, she moved over and then they came in and cut her off.

Boyles said one of the bikers threw something made of metal at her car, breaking her windows and covering her car with pieces of glass.

She said shards of glass flew inside her car and one piece hit her nephew in the face, who was sitting in a seat in the back.

Christy said no one was injured, aside from the cuts, but “it absolutely terrified us, frightened us.”

South Carolina has probably been the hotbed for bikers in the Southeast, according to Sergeant Tim Ayers, president of the South Carolina Gang Investigators Association.


    • Iama Retiree

      @ “Ryan” …….. and another “hot head” and “red neck”! Really truth be known, you would have run the other way. Try acting with some sense.

  • Cheryl Locklear

    Not everyone who rides a motorcycle acts ignorant !!!!! I’m a 58 year old women who has enjoyed the peace of riding and still do…..

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      Give them hello fuzzy, Cheryl – There are sure a lot big big mouth bullies on here – There is one especially named “SINNER 3” – Typical red-neck troll !

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    They try doing it to me and I will not stop,I will run them off the road or run them over. I would also have another surprise for them.

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      …….. and “POPIJC”, you probably would have gotten your behind beat or shot at. You guys with your macho comments are so very funny ! Truth be known, you are really such pantywaists ……

  • dan

    If it had been me, and I felt threatened, and my son had gotten cut, you can bet your ads somebody would have died on that highway

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    @ SINNER 3 – Talk about a troll – All you do is make troll remarks — iI have been making comments here long before you knew how to wipe your behind.. Get a life – Don’t have to remind you that this is a public blog – If my comments bother you so much, then I suggest that you look the other way ! For sure, I am not going anywhere !
    Hope you can understand my position !

  • jonathanlk

    We have more people in jail in the USA than all other countries combined. If I were in charge I’d build 100,000 more jails to put away all people who bully, or are found guilty of trying to use force against an innocent person’s will, in public or private. Our country should only be the ‘land of the free’ for nice people. If I ever get in charge, you better not be not nice!

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