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NC student speaks out after stripping at graduation ceremony

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. -- A North Carolina high school graduate is speaking out about a striptease that cost him his diploma.

Jack Britt High School graduate Quintin Murphy, however, told WTVD-TV that the stunt was not a prank, but a demonstration.

"I deeply apologize if you guys took it the wrong way," said Murphy.

Murphy said he did it to draw the world's attention to the plight of Iraqi and Afghanistan veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. It was a protest over how he says his uncle and grandfather and other wounded war vets have been treated.

"Fayetteville does not have the best VA hospital," said Murphy. "I have been there with my uncle and grandfather, and I've see how poor things are, and like these are men that have served."

Murphy said his uncle is a wounded warrior, and he knew Quintin was going to do the striptease. He says his uncle wholeheartedly supports him.

"You know it really touched my heart," said Quintin's uncle, Leonard Johnson.

Johnson is a disabled war vet, who was injured in Iraq. He says for the past 10 years he has battled the VA over PTSD and other medical treatments.

"I have been on morphine for 10 years," said Johnson. "It took over a year-and-a-half to get my brace, my back brace, my knee braces, and an arm brace."

Johnson said he appreciates his nephew's gesture.

Whatever his motive, school officials say Murphy's stunt was inappropriate. He won't get his diploma for a couple of months, and he has been banned from all school property.

He admits his message was probably lost in the moment, but Murphy said it was worth it.

"I just want to tell them to be spontaneous, keep living," said Murphy.

Murphy said friends and classmates have been very supportive. He hopes what he did will not stop his plans from attending college and joining the Army.


  • sinner 3

    Good comeback go for the sympathy ! Our real veterans are getting used a lot by people to line their own pocket with cash or to get their selves some TV time !! Like this MUTT!!

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    Seems to me this person could have did something more respectful when it comes to Our Veterans, I don’t believe an Idiot Stripping at a Graduation Ceremony was good for his cause, I think he is just stupid & thought of this excuse for Veterans because he suddenly figured out that it was a Dumb thing to do….

    • unque43

      He’s not an idiot, If he did it for the reasons he said, I think he could have done something else to bring attention the problems vets face. For every action their is an reaction. I hope he has not damaged his future. His uncle should have warned him not to do this. It is my opinion that he did this but when he learned of the consequences, he came up with his reasons for doing this. Clearly not an idiot, but maybe foolish. I hope this blemish will not keep him from going to college and into the army. Think twice before doing. I am sure the voice in his head said don’t do it. He’s a kid.

  • Yeah I said it.........

    He is as bad as the jerks in Washington……using and abusing our vets. I call BS on his lie.

  • Dean Behrr

    He probably made this “demonstration” thing up after he did not get the praise & positive reaction he was hoping for. Pretty lame & stupid BS. It was his “hey everybody look at me ” moment. IDIOT!

  • Pearl Harbor

    The Obama Hostage/terrorist trade has offset focus on the VA situation. The point of a protest (regardless of appropriateness) is to do something somewhat extreme to attract the attention of those who would otherwise bow their heads without notice… Having a Grandfather/relatives that received a lot of their medical treatment from a VA hospital~I know how pathetic the care is. While this young mans decision maybe a bit over the top~he address an audience of several hundred I’m sure! Getting their attention enough so that they may investigate the depleted care of our military service! When you drive through the gates of a Military base and on the gate reads a sign (how many days since their last death) be reminded those include PTSD caused suicide! The only way change occurs is when people get rattled enough to act! Otherwise, please continue to be a nation that that closes your eyes to the truth!

  • Darrell Parks

    A protest sign would have been much more effective and actually got the message across. Stripping down to your skivvies doesn’t seem to present any kind of message, except “exhibitionism”, ego, or mental instability.

  • j

    What a dumbass they should make him take his last year over how can u be that stupid not to thk u wouldn’t get in trouble again what a dumbass.

    • Tony Joyce

      Some of you replying like its so nasty or obscene. This is no worse than most of you staring at half naked men and women on the beach or at a pool. People like you are the reason people like him have to do something. Most of you probably voted Obamanation in office. Keep talking big hiding behind your fake names losers…

      • Steve

        Here is the difference: this young man decided to cause a disturbance at a formal ceremony for hundreds of others. Think of the young graduate immediately following this clown and how their family waited years to recognize their accomplishment, only to have the selfish person in front of them ruin the moment by acting like a fool. Graduation ceremonies are not the place to behave in this manner. It is not a private party for someone to act like a fool; it is a formal and dignified ceremony held to honor the accomplishments of EVERY graduate.

  • Jim

    Attention whore.
    What a joke. These clowns can live with themselves spewing this B.S.
    Stripping has no correlation with the plight of veterans.

  • LM

    Why are you trying to force me to install “Hook” video app to watch the video? I have my own video player & I don’t want to, and you shouldn’t force people into it, either, especially since it got such bad reviews.

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