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Zebulon man accused of keeping woman as ‘sex slave’ says it’s a ‘misunderstanding’

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Zebulon police say a German woman was held against her will in a warehouse for five days.

ZEBULON, N.C. — Details from a warrant revealed that a man holding a woman against her will in a warehouse in Zebulon might have been keeping her as a sex slave.

But suspect Robert Whiteside, 44, says the whole thing is a “misunderstanding,” and his attorney and at least one of his friends agree.

Whiteside was first arrested Monday at a Zebulon warehouse where he lives and works.

A woman from German was with him. She claims she arrived in the area after responding to an online ad.

In a search warrant filed Thursday, police say Whiteside confessed to choking the woman and hitting her in the head with a glass bottle.

The woman then told police she was sexually assaulted and held against her will, but managed to get to a computer and email her estranged husband in Germany who alerted police.

Whiteside was charged with sexual servitude involving an adult victim (human trafficking) and assault by strangulation. He was later released on bond.

Items found in the warehouse included a secret bedroom, handgun, other firearms and sex toys, including a whip.

A woman who claims to be a friend of Whiteside claims the whole incident is a set up, WTVD reports.

In court on Monday, Whiteside said it was all a misunderstanding.

His attorney told the court that the woman was making arrangement to go home, needed money from her estranged husband and contacted him.

Source: WTVD


  • Who did it?

    A misunderstanding there is a secret bedroom in your warehouse with a German woman? Right, I am buying that. I bet the same warehouse has an ocean front view on the opposite side from the bedroom too doesn’t it?

  • Jack May

    This most recent bit about this scenario should not even made it to the news. The story is not complete; has no explanation from the perpetrator and leaves the reader scratching his head. This is sensationalism at it’s best.

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