Woman says video of topless woman appeared on restaurant TVs

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Woman says inappropriate video appeared onthe Buffalo Wild Wings TVs.

GASTONIA, N.C.– A woman was horrified when she stopped for dinner in Gastonia and an inappropriate video appeared on the restaurant TVs in front of her two children.

Carolyn Baile told WSOC that when her family stopped to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, a video of topless women popped up on the TV screens.

Baile said they have eaten there several times before and never had a problem.

She said her 17-year-old son noticed the inappropriate images first. Baile immediately notified the manager and their server, who changed the channel and apologized.

Baile said she knows other diners also saw the video and were offended.

She believes the restaurant staff should be more careful and be held accountable.

Buffalo Wild Wings apologized for the incident and called it an inadvertent mistake.

Source: WSOC


  • FaithC

    “She believes the restaurant staff should be more careful and be held accountable.”
    I agree this was inappropriate for public viewing, but they said they were sorry, how does she want them held accountable?
    With that said…I am sure her 17year old son had seen a lot more than a woman’s breasts.

  • Chucky

    Did the 17 year old complain?

    I’d doubt that it was a “video” either unless it was a music video. It was probably more like something that was being aired on TV. I’ve never been to BWW when they showed videos on their TV’s.

  • sinner

    I would like to know what section you ask for and do they charge more for breest with the wings !

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