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SC man arrested minutes after stealing car equipped with GPS

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Matthew Sammons

PENDELTON, S.C. — A man accused of stealing a car from a dealership was arrested only minutes after the theft, according to the sheriff’s office.

Lt. Sheila Cole said 24-year-old Matthew Sammons, of Anderson, went to Fisher & Fisher Enterprises in Pendleton where he spoke with the owner about buying a car.

While the owner was assisting other customers, Cole said Sammons stole a 1996 Ford Mustang.

She said the car was equipped with a GPS tracking device.

The device led deputies to Saddlers Creek Campground where Sammons was arrested only a few minutes after the theft, according to Cole.

Cole said he was recently released from the detention center on June 7 in connection with a use of vehicle without permission charge.

Source: CNN/WHNS


  • FaithC

    Cole said he was recently released from the detention center on June 7 in connection with a use of vehicle without permission charge.
    Guess he figured he would steal one this time. People like this should be made to work at hard labor for a couple of years.

      • jastin Bieltz

        Its typical for her to say such outrageous retarded statements as such. You should see her other comments on other stories. They trump this hahaha. Thanks for the laugh Faithc

      • FaithC

        I never said you didn’t, but why should you work hard and this POS sit in a cell and watch cable TV. He should be out picking up trash 8 to 10 hours a day, every day. Something like that.

      • FaithC

        Jastin, we all know you are Jethro, Sucko, Sinner 3, or whatever you call yourself this time. We also know you love to make nasty comments and we also know you can never do it under your own name because you are a little coward. I bet when your boss is on your a*ss at work you just stand their and take his abuse. Or is it her abuse. LOL

    • Jonathan

      what are you trying to say people like this should do hard labor? what makes you above doing hard labor besides laziness. I’ve been doing hard labor for 17 years and i’m broker than when i started. the price of everything has more than tripled except wages. but i work hard so i’m proud to cash my little pay check because i earned it. every penny of it. with the devaluation of the dollar everything costs more and that wage from ten years ago is worth less. minimum wage needs to be raised . i don’t see how someone with kids like this young man has can raise a family on it. if the minimum wage doesn’t go up you are going to find more people on welfare and more crime. how is raising the minimum wage a bad thing when where it is right now just keeps people in poverty. working like a slave just to starve and pay bills is the cost to be free and doing time means three free meals and dealing with personal shit, with out a good women what’s the point you may as well eat good and get your head straight.

  • Chucky

    Not the brightest bulb in the pack are you son? I bet she even told him it had GPS when he was looking at it. LOL

    • Matt S.

      No, I’m not that bright and she did tell me it had GPS tracking but I thought I could get away with it. I am looking at hard labor now, picking up trash or something like that.

      • Jonathan

        hey bud, how do they know you weren’t just test driving it? how can they charge you with a felony for that? if you had the key they can’t charge you w anything but breach of trust anyways. i hope you get out soon and at least get it dropped to a misdemeanor. If you let them stick you with a felony it will be near impossible to find any labor for 7 years. If you really are matt you must have bonded out to be on the internet so come see me. peace

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