‘Pooper Scooper’ saves 96-year-old man

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COLORADO — A 96-year-old man is counting his blessings after a professional pooper scooper saved his life.

According to KUSA, the man’s daughter left him home alone Wednesday and told him not to leave the house. But the elderly man decided to go out into the yard to fix the sprinkler.

He then fell and severely cut himself.

Gary Cox was scooping dog poop at the home next door when he noticed the man on the ground. He jumped the fence and used his own undershirt as a tourniquet to stop the man’s bleeding.

The man’s daughter says she is thankful because it would have been another 20 minutes before she got home and she fears her father’s injuries would have been more severe.

The 96-year-old man, who asked not to be identified, received 30 stitches at the hospital. He is expected to be OK.

Source: KUSA/CNN

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