NC high school senior who stripped at graduation won’t receive diploma

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A senior at Jack Britt High School in Fayetteville who stripped to his underwear after walking across the stage at graduation on Wednesday will not receive his diploma, Superintendent Frank Till Jr. told the Fayetteville Observer on Thursday.

According to the paper, Quinton Murphy was walking across the stage when he turned toward the audience, pulled his robe over his head and posed with his arms out in the air. He was only wearing leopard-print briefs, socks and shoes when he took off his robe.

School officials were not amused, the paper reported.

“Our schools have worked so hard,” Till said. “It used to be that the audience would be disruptive at graduation. We’ve worked hard to get the audiences to respect our students. This young man chose not to show respect for his colleagues.”

Till recommended to Principal Denise Garison that the school withhold Murphy’s diploma and bar him from the school’s property and events, such as football games. Principal Garison agreed.

Murphy is still a graduate and can prove it with transcripts.

Source: Fayetteville Observer


  • Nancy Warn

    can he read an write at his grade level? Does he plan to go to college? Community service might be good, but has school prepaired him to deal with life and everyday stress. That is proven to be as important as grades and deplomas. TEACH social skills.

    • Jackson

      Before you question ones ability to read and write at any level perhaps you should question yourself.

  • Carri

    This was a prank to congratulate himself for graduating High School.. I don’t think the school should be able to withhold his high school diploma over this.. This kid worked hard for it or he wouldn’t be graduating. That diploma has his name on it and he earned it… I should be given to him. Now the rest of it whether or not to ban him from school, etc is up to you guys.. But keeping his diploma is wrong!

  • FaithC

    I’m the guy in the pictures and article and you are all jealous I have a huge freaking jock. Get served.

  • SherryB

    What this idiot did was not befitting someone who has an education of any level. He disrespected ALL the parents, grandparents, etc. of the other students as well as those who were there for him..This was NOT a “prank”, it was solely done because he thinks he has something to prove and all he proved was what a loser he really is..This day was NOT all about him..

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