Burlington man accused of beating girlfriend with hammer

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Samuel James White

BURLINGTON, N.C. — A Burlington man was arrested after deputies say he beat his girlfriend with a claw hammer during an argument early Thursday morning.

Deputies responded to a mobile home park on Whites Kennel Road around 1 a.m.

They found the victim with several cuts and bruises to her face and head, according to a release. She told police her boyfriend beat her with a claw hammer while they were arguing.

Samuel James White, of 1648 White’s Kennel Road, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serous injury with intent to kill.

He is being held at the Alamance County Jail without bail.

The victim  was airlifted to Moses Cone Hospital for her injuries.



  • sinner 3

    Come on people, if he was serious she would have been dead when the cops got their ! A 16oz. claw hammer all he did was try to get her attention !!

    • sweething

      This is a coward Not a man. Knew he wouldn’t amount to much, this is what drugs cause cowards to do whom can’t face their problems, always on the run well not anymore. Hope an pray they throw the book at you with your record you scum bag. Hope an pray that GF pulls through this, and you aka ( Sammy White) rot in jail and hell

      • George Walker

        You are right. First I don’t see how a man can hit a woman with anything but I guess if he was gunna lower his self that much maybe he should have hit her with his hands but since drugs were involved it changes everything.

      • karma

        Who the hell are you to judge him sweet thing how about you tell me who u r as I’ve known him 6 years and yes he is a screw up but he is family and unless Ur in my family keep your mouth shut as I kinda have an idea who this is get a life u dramatic bored sad woman hr has done a lot wrong hopefully this gets him the help he needs and the meds but only him and her and god know the whole story please someone have something smartass to say he should not have hit her by any means but who knows what she did I’ve heard some things

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