Bachelor party stumbles upon prehistoric fossil

ELEPHANT BUTTE, N.M. – Did a group of bachelor party buddies discover the remains of an ancient animal?

Antonio Gradillas and his friends were celebrating a bachelor party weekend when they made a prehistoric discovery.

“As we are cruising by we see a large tusk or what seems to be a large tusk coming out of the ground about a good three to four inches out,” Antonio Gradillas told KRQE.

Gradillas and his friends started digging and found the giant fossil of a tusk and skull at Elephant Butte Lake.

Paleontologists say it looks like the fossil of a Stegomastodon, a 9-foot tall, 13,000 pound, prehistoric elephant that roamed New Mexico several million years ago.

The area has been blocked off so paleontologists can work to excavate the fossil.

Source: KRQE

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