8-year-old boy digs up live Civil War cannonball in Orange Co.


HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — An 8-year-old archaeology enthusiast dug up a Civil War cannonball from the banks of the Eno River, according to the News & Observer.

Eli Aquino was exploring the river on June 1 with Hillsborough resident Tim Duffy and his friend Cornelius Lewis when they spotted the object.

They believed the object might be a cannonball but said the fuse on top reminded them of a prisoner’s ball and chain. The three took it back to Duffy’s residence, where it sat in a bucket of water for about a week.

On Monday, they called the Hillsborough Police Department about the object. Police evacuated the property as a precaution and called the Durham County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad.

The object was determined to be a U.S. Bormann 12-pound fused cannonball, and a member of the bomb squad said it had an intact timer and was live.

The bomb squad plans to disarm it but aren’t sure how much will be saved.

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