Should students have been suspended for wearing this shirt?


Credit: WXMI

UNION CITY, Mich. – A group of high school students in Michigan were suspended for wearing a T-shirt to school, according to WXMI.

Union City High School’s class of 2015 T-shirts read:

“The girls are hot. The boys are fine. We’re the class of 6 + 9.”

Administrators told students the shirts featured “potential sexual innuendo.”

A student wore the shirt to school on Friday despite the warning from administrators. The student was suspended on Friday.

In response to the student’s suspension, the entire class wore the T-shirts to school on Monday.

Administrators waited for the students to walk inside the school and then suspended everyone wearing the T-shirts.

The students were suspended June 10, the last day of school.

Superintendent Peter Kreger told WXMI the students were warned and they were being insubordinate by wearing the shirt.

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