Waffle House denies NC waitress her $1,000 tip, anonymous tipper finds a loophole

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RALEIGH -- A $1,000 tip given to a Waffle House waitress in Raleigh was returned to the customer due to a restaurant policy, according to WTVD.

Shaina Brown was working the night shift on Mother's Day at the Waffle House on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh when a generous customer, inspired by Brown's connection with customers, left her a $1,000 tip and an additional $500 for a nearby customer.

At the end of her shift, Brown found out she would not be able to keep the money. Her manager said Waffle House has a policy that unless a customer pays in cash or with a check, extremely large tips are refunded in case the customer later decides to dispute the charge.

Waffle House says generous tippers can always pay with cash or check directly to the server -- and that's what happened last week.

checkAfter weeks of dealing with company managers,  Brown received a call from her anonymous tipper. He heard about the trouble over the tip and wrote her a check for $1,000.

The anonymous tipper, a businessman who lives near Raleigh, told WTVD he wants to remain anonymous. However, Brown knows who he is and says she is extremely grateful.



  • sinner 3

    Pretty asehole policy for the people that work there,the MAN keeping hard workers and earners DOWN !

      • Splainyourself

        Rhonda,How many hard working people like this did you and your friends leave BOGUS tips ? You seem to know all about how it works !

  • anniece craft

    If a customer wants to leave a tip for great service….its their right and their money…back off….i.raised two kids as waitress…and they r great kids….DONT JUGDE…what gives u the right

  • Get Smart

    The customer could have disputed the credit card charge at a later time claiming it to have been an error. The policy is 100% correct.

  • David Lee Hoffman Jr

    You should be ashamed of that “headline” she was not “denied” the tip WH has a sound business policy and the customer did not find a “Loophole” it was all part of the policy they contacted the customer and she still got her tip.things like this are why people have lost respect for the “media”

  • Seriously

    Good policy. All the rules were followed, the customer was contacted, and the waitress got her tip just as he had intended. Agreed, this is really bad reporting.

  • Ashley

    I get why waffle house has that policy, its to help keep people honest, I had a server at Olive Garden decide to add a zero to make their already generous $20 tip into a $200 tip and they let it go through, Good thing I watch my statements. I am sure this girl and most servers out there are not like that, but there are so many dishonest people on both sides I see why the restaurant has that policy

  • Sheri Leoanrd

    God bless this anonymous tipper”s heart! There are still wonderful people in the world that reach out to help others. There ARE angels among us. Many of us know what it is like to struggle to make ends meet. Reading about him blessing this sweet woman who is working hard for her and her family is awesome! Blessings to you all!

  • theneedforspeeed

    BOGUS REPORTING!! Waffle House DID NOT DENY THE TIP TO THE WAITRESS!! They simply had the customer leave it in such a way that the restaurant and the waitress were protected against dishonesty.
    IT WAS NOT A LOOPHOLE!! It is Waffle House POLICY to tip large amounts by cash or check.

  • DCDiver

    Smart policy and very necessary. She got her tip and that’s how the story should have ended. No meanness here on the part of the business, they have to protect themselves and they certainly have the policy because it’s happened before and they had to ask for the tip money back from the server,..not good because the idiot customer reneged on the tip.

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