Two Winston-Salem teens reported missing

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Alma Sarai Ubaldo, Rodrigo Nieto-Burgos

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Two Winston-Salem teens have been reported missing by their families.

The mother of missing 14-year-old Alma Saria Ubaldo told police her daughter left home from 338 Barnes Road around 3:30 a.m. and hasn’t returned.

She believes her daughter may be with her boyfriend, Rodrigo Nieto Burgos.

Alma was last seen wearing a black “My Chemical Romance” t-shirt, blue jeans that are black in the rear, and leopard print Van shoes. She is described as being 5’ 04” in height and weighing 100 pounds.

Officers then responded to 820 Gibbons Street, where a man reported that his son Rodrigo Burgos was also missing.

The teen’s father said he had been missing from the home since 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Rodrigo was last seen wearing an unknown colored t-shirt and blue gym shorts. Rodrigo is described as 5’ 07” in height and weighing 190 pounds.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Winston-Salem Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 336-727-2800.


  • FaithC

    The way this is written it sounds like the mother knew her daughter was going out at 3:30am? Is that a typo and they mean pm? …and why is a 14 year old allowed to go out to meet her boyfriend?
    Then parents wonder why their daughter is pregnant at 16. Or maybe they don’t care, another baby brings in more government money.

    • Seriously

      Mom might have *heard* her leave at 3:30 and been unable to stop her. Why must you jump to conclusions and be so judgemental about situations you know practically nothing about?

  • DL

    He looks a little bit old for a 14 year old to have as a boyfriend…………hope they are both found safe.

  • Hewitt

    They are both probably at your local dump of a hotel room enjoying making videos that they want to share on facebook for a career in the jenna jameson world! Parents need to control their kids alot better obviously.

    • sinner 3

      Queen bee not all people are as ignorant as you ! They may be anchor children as well but still a slut and a mutt !

  • sinner 3

    Young lovers she will get knocked up and the taxpayer will feed everyone, rent phone medical it just another racket !

    • sophie

      No, Sophie is awake and paying very close attention, unlike those of you who want to deny that we have been and continue to be a country on the brink. The illegal alien invasion is getting worse every day. You had better wake up. So, yeah…I take EVERY opportunity to shed light on the problem. Too effin bad if you don’t like it.

  • Ron

    There are some callous replies here. Regardless of why they’re gone we should all hope for their safe return.

  • Cantbelievethehatred

    Seriously? Two kids, regardless race or country of origin are missing and there are families that are worried sick about them. Why turn EVERYTHING into a race issue? Come on now, the race issue is so old . Be considerate of people’s feelings ignorant idiots. I pray they’re safely found and get home soon , no family should ever have to go through this kind of thing.

  • Angie

    Had it been your child(ren) or a family member you people would not be commenting ignorant stuff like that, it is so un necessary. I pray to all of you that something like this never happens to you. Prayers for those two.

  • Jay Lo

    Shame on anyone who has made/will make snide remarks about these young people, I hope/pray that they are both found safe/sound. For those that made/will make snide remarks, let’s hope nothing like this happens to you/your family/friends.

  • tina

    it hink you all forget this was not our county we took from someone else. so all of you that make these remarks read the last couple of days news reports of children that has gone missing over the days so this is not a race thing its a human thing and all the idiot people making remarks are surely not parents and if so think it will never happen to them. so before you speak think.

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