Restoration underway at Korner’s Folly in Kernersville

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- On the inside Korner's Folly in Kernersville it is known for more than 20 rooms filled with Victorian furniture. Outside, the bright red tin roof on the 1880 home grabs your attention. But the historic home's executive director, Dale Pennington, says they are toning down the roof's color.

"The red tin roof was put on in the 1950s. While it's the living memory for everyone, it's not historically accurate," Pennington said.

Not only is the color and material not historically accurate, Pennington adds the tin roof leaks.

"That tin heats up and cools down all summer long and we get a lot of condensation and it damages the murals inside," she said.

Contractors are starting the three- to four-month process of taking down the bright red tin roof and replacing it with chestnut brown synthetic shingles.

"The new roof is energy efficient and better insulated,” she said. “Efficiency will be greatly improved"

Plus the synthetic shingles will resemble the wood shingles that were on the original home. Pennington says the restoration work is happening with the help of an anonymous donor.

"The donor is what started this,” she said. “We wouldn't be here today. It's like a fairy tale, someone stepping forward to donate that kind of money."

The silent partner donated $200,000, giving the Korner's Folly Foundation a total of $500,000 to work with.

Korner's Folly will be open during the restoration. When the new roof is finished, the Korner's Folly Foundation will begin raising money for interior repairs.