Police officer accused of stealing from Make-A-Wish Foundation

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Police say Memphis police officer, Ronald Harris, tried to steal money from the Make-A-Wish Foundation at the airport.

They were dropping off $1,500 to a family going on a Make-A-Wish trip and somehow Harris knew about it.

Police say Harris headbutted Nathan Moore, whose forehead was cut so badly he needed stitches.

Moore refused medical attention and insisted on getting on the plane with his family.

Harris is now suspended from the Memphis Police Department.

New reports show he was already on leave seeing a psychologist and may suffer from a mental disorder.

His wife says he’s threatened to kill her and police say they found stolen mail in his car that belonged to his neighbor.

WREG went to Harris’ neighborhood to see what people had to say about his recent behavior. They had mixed reviews.

Marsha Turner was shocked to hear the news.

“He’s a super nice guy,” she said. “He’d do anything for anybody. He so kind I couldn’t image anyone saying anything bad about Ronnie.”

One man who didn’t want to be identified said Harris had him sent to jail, accusing him of slashing his tires. The man says he didn’t commit the crime.

“It’s karma,” he said. “He sent me to jail and now he’s the one in jail. It’s only fair.”

Harris is being held on $25,000 bond, and is due in court June 16.

The family going on the Make-A-Wish trip made it to their destination safely.


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