Oklahoma man arrested for ‘unusual’ wardrobe choice inside bank

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Duston Sills

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — A 34-year-old Oklahoma City man is facing an unusual charge after scaring workers and patrons of a local bank.

Authorities say 34-year-old Duston Sills is charged with wearing a mask in public.

According to the police affidavit, officers were called to Chase Bank for a possible armed robbery.

Witnesses said a man was waiting in line inside the bank, wearing a mask and had his hands inside his leather jacket.

When officers arrived, they learned the man’s mask wasn’t covering his face but was pushed up on top of his head.

When police walked inside, they found Sills cashing a check at the counter.

He was taken into custody and taken to the Oklahoma County Jail.

Source: CNN/KFOR


  • MeHereNow

    Wait….what? I have re-read this article multiple times and I keep thinking I am missing something!! So, now we, as the “free” American public, can not wear a mask without getting arrested?? I mean, I understand the banks fear, but honestly what bank robber will patiently wait in line with his mask on? And when the police found out the man was only there to cash a check, and they saw the mask was “push up on top of his head” why not just warn him not to do it again because it scares the bankers and customers? Why arrest him?

    • BOZ

      Dude, really? If I went to a movie theater with a lighter and a gas tank, someone would probably call the cops. Some things you just can’t do. I’m surprised you didn’t know that. Would you think someone was just exercising their rights if they had a BB gun at the same bank? How about a BB gun outside of a school? How about the same guy, same mask in any public building? Don’t be a dum bass!

    • guy fawkes

      its not technically illegal to enter a place of business with a mask, but try walking into a circle k with 1 .

  • Wilhelm Staborg

    It was a semi-automatic mask with a clip that held 50 rounds of stickum. Banks have a zero-tolerance policy for these. Blame the National Mask Association for lobbying Congress to make these masks available!

  • Joe Sills

    There was no signs on the door way saying you cant wear anything. I ride motorcycles and the mask i always push on top of my head before entering anywhere. I have a clean record and no warrants. The jacket was zipped all the way up and no possible way to have my hand inside it. The bank was fine with me in there, it was a customer who was next in line decided to go outside and call the cops.

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