Detectives search for missing Guilford Co. Schools teacher believed to be ‘in danger’

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4aGREENSBORO, N.C. -- A 31-year-old Guilford County Schools teacher is missing and she is believed to be in danger, according to Charlotte detectives.

The Missing Persons Unit of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is asking the public for help in locating Bianca Richardson Tanner.

Tanner, a 2nd-grade teacher at Reedy Fork Elementary and a former A&T student, was relocating to Charlotte after the school year. She was last seen in Charlotte late Saturday night.

Detectives are currently working to track her cell phone. Detectives said they believe she is "in danger."

Tanner was hired by Guilford County Schools in 2004 as a substitute teacher. She was hired as a full-time teacher in 2006. Tanner had a substitute in her class on Monday and Tuesday.

rfTanner is described as a black woman, 5'3", 110 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen Saturday on Druid Circle wearing a red tank top, black shorts and black flats.

Anyone with any information regarding the whereabouts of Tanner is asked to contact Detective Faulkner at 704-336-8970 or call 911.

Guilford County Schools issued a statement on Tuesday:

"We are very concerned about Ms. Tanner and, of course, hope she is found safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family."


Please continue to share, repost, #PRAY, & keep your eyes out for our fellow #NCAT #aggie #educator she was last seen in Charlotte Friends - this is Bianca #TotalPackage Richardson and she went missing in #Charlotte, #NC, Saturday afternoon. Bianca is in her early 30's, is roughly 5'2" and weighs about 105 lbs. If anyone sees her, we ask that you notify the #police immediately. She went for a walk with only her cell phone and debit card and hasn't been heard from since. #Bianca is a mother and an #educator who was working on her Doctorate degree who would not abandon her child...—with Bianca TotalPackage. #MISSING #PERSON: Bianca Tanner-- last seen on Druid Circle in Charlotte on June 8th. If you have seen her call 911

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  • Hewitt

    a 31 year old is missing? Is this woman dangerous and people in the area should be worried or what?

    • Kaitala007

      Seriously? Because grown women have never been kidnapped. No this woman is automatically a danger. You’ve got to be kidding me. I winder why you think she’s a danger? Hmm. Smdh.

      • John Brown

        It’s people like Hewitt that are in public service jobs such as doctors offices or places where you pay for services. He/she can’t or won’t read because they are lazy and ignorant. Maybe even a negative or racial overtone there as well. Just stupid SMDH

    • family

      NO…. she is missing and her family wants her home safely….. 2nd grade teacher not a threat….

    • family

      Are you a friend or family? How do you know anything about a kid or kids father being a police officer? I didnt see those details in the article, maybe I should look at the news. God return her home to her family unharmed.

    • family

      i heard them say a young child but i didnt hear tham say the age. do you know Bianca or her family?

    • family

      Im sorry… said the guy who happens to not be the kids father is GBO police officer. Where are you getting this information from?


      it sounds like you know more than you should? If you have information that will help investigators to find this young lady, it will be an honor that you step up and say something……

  • Just a thought....

    Do you know her bf to speak on such things? How about we allow all the info to be released before you condemn a man. “In your heart” is not evidence & cannot be used in the court of law… Any other info to base ur theory on?

  • Concerned Friend

    Yes there is a husband in the picture. And FYI, the tattoo is a butterfly made from her sons footprints…

  • Kim Watson

    Praying for her safe return. Some of you guys comments are uncalled for . Where’s the compassion for other people lives?prayers are needed for this young woman. The enemy is everywhere even on this page.if you don’t have a kind word and prayers don’t say anything at all.

  • EML

    I am a parent with children who attend Reedy Fork Elementary school. Although my children were not in her class, she was always kind, always beautiful and the children LOVED her. Please let us touch and agree through prayer and faith that she is found well and safe.

  • Shannon

    Hayden and I are praying so hard for you and your family. Its so hard to believe. I just spoke to you on Friday. God speed and hear our prayers. I probably shouldnt include this, however it must be said..if your mother or daughter were missing, Im certain no one would want their personal business spread on the web.

    • family

      Uuummmmmm. let me think………She is a responsible parent, who has a job to go to but never showed up and left her child with someone and hasnt returned or call… think about it….if a family member who you talk to everyday has not called you, answered the phone or returned your calls in days would you think something was wrong? YES, so apparently you should report it to ploice and get help sooner rather than later right.


    Does anyone know where Angelo Smith is originally from? has he ever been married? do he have kids?

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