Horse dies after being injected with gasoline

MARION COUNTY, Fla. — One horse is dead and another is recovering after they were reportedly injected with gasoline, WESH reports.

John Hoogerhyde and Leah Greenleaf, who are neighbors, reported the suspicious incident to authorities on Friday.

Hoogerhyde told WESH he noticed a blood spot on the shoulder of one of his horses on June 2. The horse later started acting lethargic and its shoulder became enlarged.

The horse eventually had to be put down and during a necropsy, a strong smell of gasoline emitted from the horse’s shoulder.

“[The person who performed the necropsy] said there’s so much gasoline, it smelled like someone had poured a five-gallon can of gasoline on her,” Hoogerhyde told WESH.

Greenleaf also noticed similar symptoms on one of her horses on June 4. Her horse had a place on its neck that appeared to be a bug bite, but then began to swell.

A trip to the veterinarian revealed that Greenleaf’s horse also had gasoline injected into its muscles. The animal is undergoing treatment.

Police are attempting to find the person or persons responsible for the poisonings. In the meantime, Hoogerhyde and Greenleaf say they have moved their remaining animals to other properties and set up surveillance.

“If you’re the person that’s doing this to our horses, just come forward. Stop it now,” Hoogerhyde said.


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