Girl falls 30 feet from cliff while on phone telling mother she’s nervous about hiking terrain

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska — A Washington teenager was on the phone with her mother as she hiked alone on a mountain in Alaska, saying she was nervous about the slippery terrain moments before she fell 30 feet from a cliff on Sunday, according to the Omak Chronicle.

The girl’s mother, Shelly LaGrou, said she waited on the phone to hear her daughter’s voice again.

Cherelle LaGrou, who is working in Alaska this summer, eventually came back on the phone and told her mom she slipped down the slope and could not climb back up.

Shelly LaGrou attempted to calm her daughter, who was hysterical and crying on the phone. LaGrou’s husband called the teen’s employer which then alerted Alaska State Troopers.

The dramatic 45-minute rescue near Denali National Park was captured by the National Geographic Channel reality show “Alaska State Troopers” and is expected to air later this year.

LaGrou only sustained minor scratches.

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