Family pet pig ‘Lucky’ saves woman, grandchildren from trailer fire

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ILLINOIS — A pet pig named Lucky is being hailed a hero after he woke his family as their home was burning.

Officials responded to the trailer fire Sunday.

The homeowner told crews she and her grandkids were awakened by their family pig and escaped through a bedroom window, according to WFIE.

The Farler family has had him since February.

They say the pig started squealing and running back and forth from the bed to the door, sometimes hitting his sleeping owner.

When she sat up to see what was wrong with him, she noticed the smoke.

She was able to get her two grandchildren out before a neighbor helped her and Lucky get out of the house.

The home is a total loss, but the family is counting their blessings.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Anyone looking to help out Lucky and the Farler family can reach them at 618-499-8891.

Source: WFIE


  • Non-helper

    Yea! Help them out from the looks of it, everybody there is eating real good and we are likely feeding the whole crowd including the little porker as well ! I am sure they want the cash to get away from the park ! you know use my money to get away from the trailer park ! Must be EBT crowd or Dem. moochers !

  • sinner 3

    Now I bet that little pig on the curb would be REAL nice with some eggs and red eye gravy fresh biscuit and real butter Damm gettin hungry !

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