10-year-old graduates high school, aspires to cure cancer

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- As school lets out for the summer, most 10-year-olds are finishing fourth grade and ready for a break.

But one child prodigy in California already has his cap and gown and is done with his high school career.

KDVR reports that home-schooled Tanishq Abraham successfully met the state requirements to graduate and earned a 4.0 grade-point average.

“College life should begin when you are ready, not when you turn a certain age,” Abraham said.

At the age of 4, he became the youngest person to join MENSA.

His parents knew their son was special but had no idea of his potential.

Tanishq scored high on the SATs and already is attending American River College.

Tanishq says he wants to go to medical school at UC Davis and find a cure for cancer.

“My ultimate goal would be science, like scientist or doctor, but I also want to be president too,” Tanishq said.

Tanishq says he owes much of his success to his family.

Source: KDVR



  • sinner 3

    Home school !! phony paid for paper work ! Wait till he tries to get a job and has to be certified !!

  • Feline99

    He was not the youngest person to join Mensa. Mensa does not confirm or deny any of these claims, and there are many kids who were admitted at the age of 3. Bogus claim and not made by Mensa…

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