Shocking ‘don’t text and drive’ ad ‘hijacks’ moviegoer’s cell phones to deliver message

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Volkswagen created a powerful PSA that shows what happens when you use your phone while driving.

The car manufacturer teamed up with a movie theater in Hong Kong in an effort to discourage people from texting and driving.

The beginning of the PSA shows a first-person view of someone driving. Then, a location-based broadcaster sent a text message to everyone in the theater.

When the moviegoers looked down at their phone, the car ran off the road and crashed into a tree.

The message:

“Mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel. A reminder to keep your eyes on the road.”


  • Chucky

    Wait, this was in Hong Kong and the messages were in English? Hmmm. Do the phone owners get charged for that text? Why were their phones on anyway. While I found myself pondering these questions, the message is a good one.

  • Jennifer

    Wow! If all High School students could experience a live demonstration of this at an assembly on their last day of school, it would be a greater gift than the diploma itself!

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