Rural Hall man arrested for kidnapping juvenile in Stokes Co.

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Steven Martin Haynes Jr.

STOKES COUNTY, N.C. — Police have arrested a man in connection with a kidnapping that occurred early Thursday morning.

The incident occurred in the Westfield area and involved a juvenile victim.

During the kidnapping, police say the victim was taken through several North Carolina counties.

Following an investigation, police arrested Steven Martin Haynes Jr., 18, of Rural Hall. He was charged with kidnapping, felonious restraint, assault by pointing a gun and assault on a female.

Haynes was placed under a $150,000 secured bond.

The Stokes County Sheriff’s Office is being assisted in the investigation by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and the National Park Service.


  • brenda

    Not very good details> Why did he take her? How old was she? What counties did he go through?Does he got any priors? How did the police find him?

    • afl

      She is a minor. He has a bad past. I have known him since 8th grade along with her. They art giving out many details because of her being a minor. They found him by searching around where was known to live and hangout.

    • Bill W

      Jethro we know its you, you just can’t go any length of time without trying to get FaithC’s attention. Have some respect for yourself son, stop showing everyone how sorry you are.

  • -

    with all the current charges on this kid i can promise you he is a repeat offender. Also, the firearm is more than likely stolen.

    I ain’t sorry for this kid at all. Do the crime, do the time. He decided to get a career in being a criminal and well he’ll reap what he sows. Also, inmates in jail/prison will get word of this crime and take care of him from there.

    • Non-helper

      So with all your experience with the jails and prisons The low-life convicts really give a ratsase !! What a damm doofuss !

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