High Point neighborhood residents concerned over drain issues

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Randy Freeman watches as a creek eats away at his backyard.

"On the other side of my fence I had at least four feet and since I've been here it has washed away," he said.

Randy blames the drain that empties into the creek for his problems. The water doesn't flow away from his house. Instead it washes away the land around the drain. Freeman's slowly disappearing backyard is also affecting his next door neighbor Kenner Hatfield.

"I am very concerned about mine,” Hatfield said “I use to have four feet of buffer between me and the creek. Now it's up to my fence and I am worried if it's going to hold."

Down the street, William Lloyd is afraid that the creek will continue to march dangerously close to his home.

"I’m scared to walk out there,” Lloyd said. “I’m scared it's going to cave in on me; scarred my room is going to fall into the ground."

All three men say it's High Point's responsibility to stop the erosion and make repairs. But Public Services Assistant Director Richard McMillan says the city is not responsible.

High Point did not install the drain pipe or cause the erosion at Lloyd's house. But High Point still wants to help. McMillan says if the homeowners will pay for the materials, the city will pay for the manpower and designs needed to stop the erosion. It's a compromise that has worked in other High Point neighborhoods. But Freeman says it's a bad deal for him.

The neighbors say they will continue to fight High Point's decision.