Fort Bragg Army captain accused of sexually assaulting, beating estranged wife

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Captain Richard Camacho

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — An Army captain accused of sexually assaulting and beating his estranged wife, who is also an Army officer, is standing trial at Fort Bragg.

Captain Richard Camacho, assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division’s 82nd Combat Brigade, faces nearly 20 counts of battery, sexual assault and communicating threats against his estranged wife after the alleged 2012 incidents.

The wife, who was not identified, was re-assigned to another Post following the report.

WTVD reports the incidents occurred following Camacho’s discovery of his estranged wife’s 10-month affair, during a deployment to Afghanistan between 2011 and 2012.

The incident is on record with the military because she was deemed “unfit for command,” and in the process of being dismissed from service before coming forward about the alleged abuse.

If convicted, Camacho faces a maximum of life in prison.

Opening statements in the Camacho case began Monday.

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  • FaithC

    So she is getting the boot for having an affair and she decided to charge him after 2 years? What he did was wrong and he should be punished, but why did she wait 2 years to say anything?

  • shitonit

    im sure faithc will have this mystery solved by morning…she is a super detective type. please update us faithc.

  • Bradley

    This whole trial was ridiculous and based off of false allegations. I know both of them, and he never once laid a hand on her in an abusive manner, even after she went psycho/lied to him for nearly a year. He even tried to go to counseling after he found out about the affair. She just lied to get out of punishment from the army (she received full immunity) and it worked because the army is overly sensitive about sexual abuse, even when if is non-existent. Richie is now spending two years in confinement and it’s all based on this chick’s lies.

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