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Plan to add more tennis courts at J. Spencer Love Center

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GREENSBORO, NC. -- This week the city approved plans to add more courts to the J. Spencer Love Tennis Center, one of the busiest tennis centers in the state.

The plan is to add another five or six clay courts to the 13 already at the tennis center.

"I've been here 20 years and to improve this facility, the main facility in Greensboro, is just a great thing," said Mike Belangia, director of Greensboro’s tennis program.

The city and the tennis court's management group are putting up a combined $350,000 for the project.

The tennis center is already one of the biggest clay court centers in North Carolina, but it could be one of the biggest in the South if the center raises enough money to add an extra 18 courts.

Belangia says it would also be a selling point to attract major tournaments to the city.

"We'd be able to get sectional events here, national events here," Belangia said.

There would be a lot more space tennis players like Katie Rossabi say would go to good use.

"We always need courts," she said.