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Concord Chick-fil-A to pay $10K in pregnancy discrimination lawsuit

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CONCORD, N.C. — A Chick-fil-A in Concord will pay $10,000 to a woman who says the restaurant didn’t hire her because she was pregnant.

According to WSOC, the woman claimed that during an interview she answered several questions related to her pregnancy, even though she thought they were “inappropriate.”

She says the owner called her back three days later, told her she wouldn’t be hired and that she should call back after she’d had the baby and had child care in place.

The money will settle a lawsuit she filed last July.

Source: WSOC


  • Kaffie

    99% of all business will not hire you if they even think you even look pregnant. It is very stupid for Chic Fila to even have charges brought against them for this. Sounds to me like they were just out to get Chic Fila. Shame on you America!

    • FaithC

      It is against the law not to hire a woman because she is pregnant or looks pregnant. It is illegal to ask a woman if she is pregnant or is planning to be so. It is also illegal to ask anybody about their parental status and what their child care plan is. Anybody in a hiring position should know this. The fools at this Chick-fil-A came out and said that she should come back after her baby was born and after she had a child care plan. What they did was illegal, nobody was out to get them.

    • JB

      Thank you for your accurate post. I do not understand why that manager would tell her to come back after the baby was born except that this person was honest to a fault.

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    I don’t believe Chick-fil-A was being discriminating to this woman personally because they did ask her to come back after her pregnancy to re-apply, but, it only makes sense because the woman would be OUT of work much more then the average worker plus you know for sure down the road she will be out to have her baby & chances are she would be out for a long time or never come back to work so, if you are running a business you have to do what’s best for the business & the people that work there so plainly hiring this lady would have caused problems with their work force sooner then later & really I don’t care whether anyone agrees or not, that’s my opinion & nothing personal against the lady that didn’t get the job….

  • Sandra Nunn

    I agree with Nance and Kaffie the person would have been out a lot and been able to handle the job at the time therefore causing a More of a burden than an asset. People just don’t get it …It is always about Them.i don’t believe it was discriminating I believe someone just encouraged this woman and she saw a way to get something for nothing.Sad sad sad.

  • K. K. B.

    Ok so let’s say you walk into an interview and you are obese. They start asking you questions about your health: do you have diabetes, do you go to the doctor a lot, etc etc. Is that appropriate? NO! Same thing here folks. It is against the law. So it’s best to not say anything and just not hire and let it their. The manager screwed up big time in the interview and should have never made that call. All they had to do was not hire her and hold onto her application to call back another time if they wanted her.

  • Samriklown

    Really people, are you brain dead? You can not discriminate against an individual in this country based on health concerns, UNLESS, their health directly influences the duties of their job. You won’t hire a fat slob to work at Hooters, just wouldn’t look right in the shorts and tight shirts, Likewise wouldn’t hire a pregnant woman to work on the docks, couldn’t handle the job can’t do the heavy lifting. BUT a smart employer does not come out and say the reason they are not hiring you. Chik-Fil-A didn’t lose because they didn’t hire this woman, Chik-Fil-A lost because they told her why they didn’t hire her. She should have been encouraged to do something. You can’t let businesses run over you like this. Would she have made a great employee, probably not. She was pregnant, she would miss work, and she would then be out on maternity leave. Heck, I wouldn’t have hired her….BUT I also wouldn’t have said the reason I wasn’t hiring her is because she was pregnant, that folks, is against the law!!!! AND it gets you sued.

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