Asheboro city council requests dog ordinance be changed

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ASHEBORO, N.C. — Asheboro residents may soon be allowed to have more pets at their homes.

According to the Courier-Tribune, Asheboro City Council members asked city staff Thursday night to rewrite parts of an animal ordinance. The ordinance currently only lets people living in less than 30,000 square feet to have two dogs and two cats.

Officials say they put the rule in place to prevent animal abuse and neglect.

Asheboro’s Community Development Director suggested raising the number to three dogs and three cats.

The city attorney plans to rewrite the ordinance and city council members will vote at the next meeting in July.

Source: The Courier-Tribune

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  • Pat Odum

    If they raise the limit there will be more abuse. Statistics show people with more than one or two dogs will tie them outside regardless of the area or weather. They would be far better to adopt a permit type deal like other cities where the owner would have to sign guarantying the care of the dogs and could be fined if they did not abide by it. I do rescue and personally the dogs in high kill shelters(same as Randolph county) r in the hundreds every day from people dropping them off because they can not take care of them. Most dogs r given 3 dayz to find a rescue or they r immediately euthanized regardless of age or breed. I saw one the other day that was only 3 months old. Euthanizations equal in the 100’s every week. Randolph County does not even publish their “euthanization list” on the net so someone could help them. Just sayin….. from a rescuer.

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