Rapid Response Team retraining employees after Teleflex layoffs

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ASHEBORO, N.C. -- Randolph Community College is partnering with the state's Rapid Response Team to help more than 600 Teleflex employees find new jobs once layoffs start next year.

RCC's role is to train people so they have the skills needed for new jobs.

"How we do things has changed tremendously over the last few years in the industry. One of the key things we’re doing now to help close the skill gap to continue to train on new and more modern equipment," said Elbert Lassiter, vice president of Workforce Developing and Continuing Education at Randolph Community College.

Lassiter worked as plant manager at the Goodyear Wire Plant before they were taken over by Hyosung, then operations moved to Vietnam. He's now part of the state's Rapid Response Team helping people in similar situations find new careers.

RCC President Dr. Robert Shackleford admits widespread layoffs are devastating for the whole community.

"It’s time when hope is dangling by a thread. We’re going to be there to say we know you hurt. We know you’re afraid. We’re here to help you," said Shackleford.

Shackleford says the jobs are out there if people have an open mind and consider new career options.

"We’re not going to take them all and channel them down one pathway. We’re going to say here you are in a place you didn’t expect to be. What would you like to do from here?" said Shackleford.

RCC trains people for everything from nursing to advanced manufacturing. Programs take anywhere from six weeks to two years to complete.

The Rapid Response Team will be meeting with Teleflex to assess employees' options at the end of June.

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