Possible budget cuts for nonprofits in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Several Greensboro nonprofits face a 10 percent budget cut in funding from the city.

Tuesday night, Greensboro Children’s Museum CEO Marian King spoke about the importance of accessibility to the museum for child development.

For four years the Greensboro Children’s Museum has used $75,000 from the city out of their $1.4 million overall budget.

They face a loss of $7,500 for 2014-2015 which could mean cuts for discounted nights and scholarships.

“You could say it’s just $7,500 but to us every one of those dollars counts and every one of those dollars represents people that we might not be able to bring in,” King said.

Councilman Nancy Hoffman said Thursday council will meet in a work session to discuss possible adjustments.

“You’d rather not have to cut anybody but we are in those times where we have to look at being able to do that,” Hoffman said.

Other organizations possibly affected are The Greensboro Sports Commission, Grass Roots Inc., which sponsors the Fun Fourth Festival, and Blandwood Mansion.

On June 17 the council will vote on the final budget.


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