Group claims video shows turkey ‘abuse’ at NC Butterball factory

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A new video from the animal rights group Mercy for Animals was shot at a Butterball turkey hatchery in Raeford, North Carolina, according to a report from WTVD.

Editor’s note: The video may disturbing to some. Viewer discretion advised.

The group says it used a hidden camera to film baby turkeys being processed at the plant. The video purportedly shows birds being moved around on conveyor belts, being “thrown,” “dropped,” and “mishandled,” according to a news release from the group.

The group claims the turkeys are “routinely mutilated without painkillers and ground up alive in a macerating machine.”

Butterball told WTVD the company has launched an investigation:

“We are committed to the ethical and responsible care of our turkey poults and have a zero-tolerance policy for any animal mistreatment … Experts agree the video does not depict any willful acts of negligence or mistreatment.”

In 2011, the group released a video shot at a Butterball factory in Hoke County. The group claimed the activist witnessed “an ongoing pattern of cruelty to the turkeys” and Butterball employees intentionally committed “acts of violence and severe neglect.”


  • stantheman

    Why don’t some of these groups report the abuse our federal officals are doing to us. Obama, Holder, Reid, etrc. No, instead of reporting the abuse they keep their mouths closed.

  • SummerConnor

    All of the reports and violence ARE well know to high powered politicians however they do not care because they are getting campaign contributions from many of these commercial companies. Please refer to AG Gag bill or the Commercial Dog Breeder Bill HB 930. There are prime examples of political corruption…the people and voters would like to see laws that protect the animals however corporations will pull out all the stops to keep it from happening.

  • Chuck

    Sad, sad clip…..shame on you bball……but the guy holding the camera said nothing to the workers? like hey that is cruel or stop, it’s (turkey) has had enough

  • btdude

    Why don’t these groups show an abortion of a human baby???? But no you will never see that happen!! They care more about a turkey!!

    • Marni

      Not this particular group’s focus. What an inane suggestion. It’s your responsibility to push your own agenda.

  • Joseph

    Pain killers in a consumable product? I don’t think so. Isn’t it bad enough we have meat that is full of steroids, and we want to add pain killers to the mix? I’m sorry, but there are limited avenues to meat companies to “humanely” kill an animal for human consumption. These extremists are probably vegans and are trying to dissuade others from consuming meat products.

    • CJ

      I’m sure there is plenty of footage left out. There are other “undercover” videos out there on the net that demonstrate the extent of cruelty. It is not a matter of “humanely killing”. There is unnecessary torture and abuse that goes beyond what is required to kill an animal.

      • Joe

        Agreed. I think that poster is trying to make certain demographics ashamed of their lifestyle choices just because it doesn’t sit well with his own.

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