Greensboro city leaders talk with state lawmakers

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan, some city council members and the city manager were in Raleigh Wednesday to talk to local delegates about important legislation.

Vaughan tells FOX8 they were discussing issues such as proposed changes to the privilege license tax and historic tax credits.

She said they also hope to get state money to help with the Union Square campus development in Greensboro, the university campus project planned for South Elm Street and Lee Street.

"We're hoping to get two million dollars in this budget to help us get that project closer to completion. So far it's met with a lot of positive comments so I'm very hopeful," said Mayor Vaughan.


  • sinner 3

    Typical giveaway a million and a half dollars to your friends and then want 2 million more to steal from the taxpayer to help more friends ! While the kids you love go hungry !

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