App State student with Down syndrome inspires softball team

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BOONE, N.C. -- There was a time when a young man like Mieszko Kwiatkowski would have simply been “put away.”

He was born with Down syndrome and, a generation ago, most would've thought he’d never be able to live on his own.

He not only lives on his own, but is also going to college at one of the state’s top universities.

In this edition of the Buckley Report, see how he’s using his free time there to make a lifelong impact on some of his classmates.



  • Suzanne Marin

    This story affirms the value that each and every HUMAN BEING has on this planet. Do not discount, belittle, ignore difference, embrace and celebrate it!! A remarkable young man who has inspired more than a softball team.

  • Scott Rogers

    As an App State Softball Parent, I can assure you having known this young man, he not only inspires our softball players, but is a true inspiration to myself and our parents as well. He brings out the best in all of us!

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