Woman punches Bowman Gray race winner on Saturday night

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. –An unidentified woman punched 100-lap modified race winner Burt Myers in the stomach following his victory on Saturday night.

Myers won the race after starting from the rear of the field.

Myers made contact with Junior Miller on the last lap of the race, causing Miller to spin out. Miller then chased Myers around the track with his car, catching Myers in the grass and bumping him from behind to show his displeasure.

While celebrating his victory, Myers was punched in the stomach by an unidentified woman. FOX8 Photographer Chris Weaver was at the race on Saturday and captured the altercation on video.

The woman was taken away by police after the incident.


    • Thomas Noell

      Maybe when WE ALL can get beyond the childish, bitter attitudes that keep “racism” alive in “post-racial” America. Too bad some cannot follow the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. and strive for a color-blind society

      • Amber

        That has nothing to do with this story. It wasn’t about race. It was about someone cant handle that their driver (brother) lost!! And needs serious anger management!!

    • Amber

      What does the color of someones skin have to do with this story? It was a story about someone needing to get their emotions under control. I must have missed where race was even mentioned.

    • kyle

      Its called short track racing, not “thuggery”. If you have never raced any thing. You wouldnt unserstand the hard work and emotions that go into it. People like you shouldnt open your mouths.

  • xxx

    I know the myers since they were little. Hey lady its racing get over it or dont go hope he press an issue with u

    • Jim

      Have you ever watched a race at the stadium? This is normal operating procedure for stadium racers. Nothing out of the ordinary. Your idealistic fantasies of what a race should be have no basis in reality.

  • Fay

    If you can’t act like an adult stay home,,,even if she is his sister,,I would hate to see her at one of her children’s ball games,,childish behavior,,,

  • Beth

    I wish people would read the entire story and comprehend what they read!! It is a story about a race not about racism! Get a grip! Not everything in this country is racist! If you have the nerve to say someone is racist you are more than likely a racist yourself! I hope I did not use words that were too big for you to understand!
    That is Miller’s sister…they should ban her from the track.

  • news2me

    After a soccer game, the children are taught to line up and shake the hands of the winners/losers…therefore teaching them to win or lose with dignity…
    This woman has defied the laws of dignity with her childish and immature behavior.

  • news2me

    Axe, I have read comments on this board where people write blatant racist remarks and as I am a Classified Caucasian, it burns me up to hear these remarks either way.

    But..this particular article happens to be about Race Winners……and about Poor Losers……
    Let us teach our children to play and enjoy any sport and to Win/Lose with dignity.

  • Advance One

    Well old king of wreckers got what he deserved.. I’m not surprised by his fans reactions, they ,like old jr. himself can dish it out but can’t take it when the shoe is on the other foot. junior has never been a driver in my eyes,he’s probably won the majority of his races wrecking people.

  • Stephen

    I am not a fan of either driver. I have not been to this race track in years and I am totally neutral. But this is obviously dirty driving. No on “nailed him” from the back. The proof is right in the video. He intentionally wrecked the driver leading the race, to get around him. I agree with some other posts in that this driver must have not had the talent to pass him, so he wrecked him to get around and win. That’s not racing, that’s thuggary.

    • Jim

      This is normal operating procedure for stadium racers. Nothing out of the ordinary. Your idealistic fantasies of what a race should be have no basis in reality.

  • Jim

    Big wheel, keep on turning
    Proud Mary, keep on burning
    Trolling, trolling, trolling on the interwebbies.

  • Hi-Power

    If you ain’t rubbin’ you ain’t racin’!!! NASCAR could use a little more of its roots like this. It has gotten so bland and boring. Ask Cale Yarborough, the Allison brothers, David Person, #3, etc…

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